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Apr 20, 2010 6:00am EDT
group better than expected $4 million profit. >>> toyota announces the recall of the 2010, gs460. toyota had already suspended worldwide sales of the vehicle. >>> toyota has agreed to pay a record $16.4 million fine for allegedly failing to notify the department of transportation of a sticky pedal des defect in the cars for four months after learning of the problem. even while agreeing to pay the fine, toyota denied the government's allegations. >>> the ash cloud is costing the air carries an estimated $9.9 million per day. dealt that which has the billingest presence in europe is losing the most money $6.5 million a day. for business brief, i'm stan case. >>> coming up, tightening down how lawmakers hope to make the u.s./mexico border safer. >>> a candlelight vigil will be held tonight to remember a frostburg state student gunned down over the >>> welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 6:31 is the time. you ever taking a look at the inner harbor. pretty soon you could be taking a swim in the inner harbor. how many of you would actually like to do that? of course, not in the curren
Apr 16, 2010 6:00am EDT
now running safety tests on the lexus gx460. toyota stopped sell it after consumer reports warned of a possible roll overrisk. the dow gaining another 21 points now riding a 6 day winning streak. wal-mart regaining the top spot of biggest companies. if you're visiting israel, leave your i-pad at home or customer customs will take it. they say it could interpret service in israel. >> revenue rising 23%. both beating estimates. a look at business. >> coming up, defending america from terrorist actions, how republicans are responding to this week's nuclear summit. >> never any problems. >> an elderly woman found dead. why police think she may have been murdered >> presidentpresident obamamento secure all nuclear materials all around the world to keep them out of the hands of terrorists. the goal of the 40 nation summit held in washington. our political commentitater joins us this morning for our washington wrap. to talk more about this. good morning. so the 47 countries that were involved in this all said that they would work closely with the united nations on this. some of the country ag
Apr 14, 2010 6:00am EDT
grade for a luxury car. how toyota is responding to a historically bad report. >>> healthcare reform and what it means for you. dr. carson answers your question live instudio. >>> and the lowest game attendance in oriole's tory. why so few people are saying take me out to the ball game. >>> good morning, it's wednesday april 14th. i'm patrice harris. it's a cold start to the day. it was messy and cold yesterday, and that continues this morning at least. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look the forecast. >>> you keep talking about the cold and i keep talking about the fog and the problem is we have both. >> i felt the cold before i felt the fog. >> i didn't feel the fog, but i saw the cold. >> there could be fog across the mason dixon line. it's rather chilly to the north so i will give you that. >> okay. >> we are only 34 degrees in hagerstown. that is rather chilly. we do have 30s to the northern part of the state, across the mason dixon line a frost advisory. we will see plenty of sunshine this arch and the temperatures will warm up, too. future scan not showing a whole lot o
Apr 19, 2010 6:00am EDT
the laws, and not trying to go after those who are not. >> toyota is expected to pay a fine for waiting four months to tell the government about defective gas pedals in its cars. the car company faced deadline of today of acceptor contest the fine of $16.4 million. on toyota knew about the sticking gas pedals in september but didn't issue a recall until january. >>> the number of mull tie racial americans is expected to go up with the 2010 census but experts say many people with one black parent and one white parent only identify themselves as black on the census. president obama is one of those people. he only checked the black on the census box despite having a white mother. they have no idea how many people who check black on the census are multi racial. but the decision to check one box or more is based on the history and pride. we want to know, should all multiracial people check two boxes if applied to them. you can go to our website at and tell us what you think or get to us through facebook, send us a tweet at fox baltimore or text your answer to 45203,
Apr 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
another day, another recall. the car that toyota your body needs water... and women who drink crystal light... drink 20% more of it. ♪ crystal light. water your body. from crystal light.] new purefitness... the first fitness drink with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. new purefitness... from crystal light. a pure way to water your body. >>> one day after a huge sell-off and despite on going concerns that the debt crisis in europe is praddin spreading. the stocks rebounded. the no, sir dak remaine nasdaq y unchanged. >>> the fed reserve announced that it's leaving a key rate at zero. the economy is strengthening and the labor market is beginning to improve, but not enough to raise the fund rates for an extended period of time. >>> toyota is recalling 5,000 sequoia suvs because of the vehicle stability control systems that ma can cause the vehicle to hesitate or slow down at slow speeds. half of the vehicles in the recall have already had the problem fixed. there's no crashes or injuries. >>> according to labor department 41 metro areas posted unemployment rates th
Apr 30, 2010 6:00am EDT
toyota recall, the company puts another car back on the market. the giv glitch that has been fi. >>> another great day on the bay. 80 degrees, a lot of sunshine, >>> 6:13 on a friday. we're looking forward to warmer temperatures. sky hd radar, it looks very nice and will continue to do so as high pressure moves off to the east. we do see showers in pennsylvania and further points north. a lot of that is not reaching the ground with the drier air. this is reaching the ground moving through iowa, a line of showers with thunderstorms that will be brewing later in the afternoon, probably producing the possibility of severe weather there. will that be coming here later this week potentially? we will talk about later in a moment. 53 degrees at the inner harbor. winds are calm and the barometer is on the rise looking at 52 degrees starting on a mid one thimildone this time around. we are getting a wind shift in the flow today. the winds will be shifting to the southwest ask that i & and e see the temperatures getting well into the 80s today and tomorrow and into your sunday. as we look
Apr 27, 2010 6:00am EDT
of vehicles in the last month, production for toyota soared. toyota cars and trucks have been the subject of a u.s. government investigation and at least three major separate recalls in the past year. for business brief, i'm stan case. >>> coming up fighting fire house closures. how the firefighters union hopes to keep the doors open. >>> and more reports of violence inside of a west baltimore elementary school. i'm megan gilliland, what the teacher's union is expected to do today to protect your children. >> reporter: i'm joel d smith live at fells point where the governor will kickoff his re-election campaign [wind rustling] [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding) >>> 6:30 is the time. i'm patrice harris. another rainy start to the morning. will it continue? meteorologist steve fertig is here with the that answer. >>> just a chance for a spotty shower, but reall
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7